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 Emerald Home Care, LLC 

Services we offer 

 Our number one goal is to keep your loved one at home, by ensuring they have continuity of care, balanced nutritional home cooked meals and safety.

 So lets talk, and see how we can help!

 We have a different types of services from weekly check- in's, dementia care, up to 24 hour live in care. 

Our Registered Nurse or Care Manager will visit your home to discuss the best services for you or your loved one. 

We are a team!

We at Emerald Home Care know from 30 years of experience in the Senior Care Industry,  most seniors do not want to leave their home.

 The process of starting services with a homecare company can be over-whelming, but we will make it as simple as possible, we are open 24- hours a day we offer services as little as 1 hour up to 24 hours of care. We offer hourly packages and monthly package deals everyone is entitled to individualized care. 

The first step is to call!

  Check-in Services 

 Emerald Homecare services can provide regular check-in's to help alleviate worry and a way to provide peace of mind. If you or your loved one  does not require assistance with the activity of daily living,  Take charge and be Proactive!

 This is the services for you. Our check- in service are customized to fit your specific needs. 

  • We will arrange to make one personal visit bi-weekly or more just to make sure you are doing well. We will monitor your vital signs and perform medication management.
  •  We will send vital signs results to your physician or provide you with a weekly log to take to your next physician visit,. 
  • We will perform medication management by using weekly pill boxes, and send the list of medications to your physician, for review.  
  • This is a proactive measure to keep to healthy and safe at home.  You will come to enjoy our brief visits and calls with or service members and if you require more assistance we are here for you.  This is a individualized service call for details. 

Concierge Services 

As a concierge service we can do the following to assist you:

  • Accompany you or your loved one to their doctors appointment and supply summary notes or wait outside. Ensuring care coordination and interacting with your physicians and other health care providers as necessary and providing updates.
  •  Providing company or assistance with long distance transportation such as airplanes or long distance moving. 
  •  Assistance with Lawn Maintenance, housekeeping, patio and driveway appraisals, roofing projects. 
  • Assistance with paying bills, setting up computers. 
  • Food shopping and delivery 


Companion Care Services  

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. House Hold duties 

 Planning, preparing meal and serving meals

 Relearning, household skills.

 Household skills may include but is not limited:

  • Care of the beneficiary's room and area used by the beneficiary (sweeping, vacuuming, dusting.)
  • Care of the kitchen, including maintaining cleanliness of refrigerator, stove sink, floor and dishwasher
  • Care  of bathroom, including including the cleanliness of toilet, tub, shower and floor
  • Care of the beneficiary's personal laundry and bed linens.
  • Necessary bed- Making and changing bed-linens with the beneficiary in or out of bed.
  • Rearranging of furniture to enable  the beneficiary to move about easily in his or her room.
  • Listing food item and household supplies for the needed for the health and maintenance of the beneficiary 
  • Shopping for the above supplies, conveniently storing and arranging supplies and doing essential errands

Assistance with Daily Activites of daily Living (ADL'S)

 Activities of daily living care will be provided only with a NJ Certified Nurses Aide, overseen by a Registered Nurse. Services may include such items as: 

  • Care of teeth and Mouth 
  • Grooming , such as care of hair, including shampooing 
  • Shaving, and the care of nails(file only)
  • Bathing in the bed or the bed pan 
  • Assistance with feeding   
  • Assistance with dressing 
  • Ambulation indoor when appropriate 
  • Helping, the beneficiary in transferring from the bed to the wheel chair, in and out of the bed.

 Personalized Chef Services 

 All of our chefs are trained in the serve-safe certification class. We will cook your home cooked meals weekly or bi weekly.

We will create a menu according to what you choose for meals and your instructions on how to cook them.  Like (Grandma's meatloaf)

We will do all the shopping, storing of the food and clean up to end the day. 

Dementia Care Services 

 Determining how to help a loved one who is struggling with Alzheimer's is a complicated and emotional process, Alzheimer's patients have a difficulty remembering to take their medication often neglect their own personal hygiene as well as experience personality and behavior changes, As our specialized and trained care coordinator's can assist in a long term care or as a respite care. 

To learn more give us a call: 

(609) 528-0996